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Cathy Cassata

Freelance Writer

My specialties include health, mental health, and human behavior. I have a knack for writing with emotion and connecting with readers in an insightful and engaging way.

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Adhdkid article
the fix

How to Prevent Your ADHD Child from Becoming an Addict | The Fix

The pleasure meter of ADHD sufferers is set differently than it is for other people, so they feel like they need to resort to extraordinary means to get ordinary pleasure.

Coa article
the fix

How to Help Children of Alcoholics

“If you witness something and have the ability to do something, you should, even if it’s reaching out to the family and saying ‘addiction is part of my family and I know how it goes. Please let me know if I can help in any way.’”

Shutterstock 143187523 article
the fix

Sweet Necessity: The Extent and Perils of Sugar Addiction | The Fix

Telling a sugar addict to stop eating sugar is like telling an alcoholic to stop drinking....

Parentsteens article
the fix

How to Help Your Kids Stay Clean

Practical tips from experts on how to help your children avoid the pitfalls of addiction. Spoiler alert—it starts at home.

Docaddict article
the fix

Is Your Doctor Addicted To Drugs?

Learn how to tell if your healthcare provider is using and what to do to safeguard yourself.

Emmadancepain article
the fix

Dance The Pain Away | The Fix

How dance and movement therapy can be an effective form of ongoing treatment....

Shoppingexcess article
the fix

7 Signs You May Be a Shopping Addict | The Fix

7 Signs You May Be a Shopping Addict | The Fix

Davehack article
the fix

What If You Could Hack Your Brain? | The Fix

What If You Could Hack Your Brain? | The Fix

Tcainauthor article
the fix

How a Homeless Addicted Prostitute Turned Her Life Around | The Fix

How a Homeless Addicted Prostitute Turned Her Life ...

Onemoregame article
the fix

Video Game Addiction - Recent Findings to Blow Your Mind | The Fix

Limits should be set on gaming habits to curb bullying, desensitization, and other potential problems....

Corladrew article
the fix

Saved by Dr. Drew | The Fix

From incarcerated teen to accomplished therapist, Brandon Stogsdill credits education, God, and Dr. Drew for his turnaround....

Shutterstock 189514682 article
the fix

Tanning Addiction. For Real. | The Fix

Studies show that the need to excessively tan may be a symptom of a mental health issue, and possibly even an addiction....

Frankferr article
the fix

An Obese Italian Guy Walks into a Vegan Cafe… | The Fix

No joke. It was the beginning of Frank Ferrante's life-saving transformation....

Anne 20photo 20  20favorite article
the fix

Want to Heal? Participate! | The Fix

Anne Wilson Schaef shares how Living in Process can heal addiction, mental illness and anything life throws at you....

Shutterstock 65843605 article
the fix

Pins and Needles—How to Insert Acupuncture into Recovery | The Fix

The Fix Q&A with William Morris, practitioner of Oriental medicine and acupuncturist with a view towards aiding your sobriety and recovery....