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Cathy Cassata

Freelance Writer

My specialties include health, mental health, and human behavior. I have a knack for writing with emotion and connecting with readers in an insightful and engaging way.

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Open uri20170809 22123 18jglhs article

I Was Afraid to Let My Daughter Play Football. She Proved Me Wrong.

My daughter plays football and here's why I back her.

Open uri20170718 32073 1o4j0rh article

Your Relationship With Money Is Affecting Your Health

Chances are, stress and anxiety about money are a part of your daily life. From rent and mortgage payments to health expenses and childcare costs, the list is endless.

1228 can we and should we erase certain memories 1296x728 header article

What If You Could Erase Unwanted Memories?

New ‘snail study’ reports successfully erasing selective memories that trigger anxiety and PTSD. But is this a good idea?

1296x728 penicillin allergy article

Can You Outgrow a Penicillin Allergy?

The short answer is "yes,” but you may never have been allergic to begin with.

Open uri20170809 17770 1faprma article

Can We Encode Medical Records Into Our DNA?

Harvard researchers have implanted a movie into bacteria DNA using CRISPR gene editing. Someday the process might be used on humans.

1296x728 header 5 ways kids practice mindfulness article

5 Ways to Help Kids Practice Mindfulness

From jam-packed schedules to constant access of screen time and social media networks, there’s no doubt today’s “tweens” have a lot going on. Mindfulness can help.

Header i lost my dad to diabetes article

I Lost My Dad to Diabetes

The best thing my dad taught me was how to live without him.

1296x728 mom birthcontrol article

More New Mothers Asking for Long-Term Birth Control

Immediately opting for long-acting reversible birth control protects women from the possibility of getting pregnant too soon after giving birth.

1296x728 header facing lung cancer in 20s article

Facing Lung Cancer in My 20s, and Surviving

Frida Orozco is a lung cancer survivor and a Lung Force Hero for the American Lung Association. For Women’s Lung Health Week, she shares her journey through an unexpected diagnosis, recovery, and beyond.

051217 germclothes thumb large article

Should You Change Clothes When You Get Home to Get Rid of Germs?

Experts weigh in on how cautious you should be about bringing germs and other stuff from the outside world into your home.

1296x728 header 7 ways talk to child about allergies article

7 Ways to Talk to Your Child About Their Allergies

For an allergy parent, sometimes it can be hard to know exactly what to say to your child when they can’t eat the food that’s in front of them. It can also be hard to know how to prepare them for situations when they have to experience that alone.

Header i lost my mom during my first pregnancy 01 article

I Lost My Mom During My First Pregnancy

I lost my mom to breast cancer when I was 3 months pregnant. 10 years later my kids want to know more.

042117 yips thumb article

Why Do Athletes Get the 'Yips'?

Anxiety and neurological factors come into play for athletes who suddenly lose their ability to perform in a way they excelled at for years.

Img 5268 article

Why We Waited 7 Years for an Autism Diagnosis

The moment Vaughn was born, his mom Christine knew he wasn’t a typical baby. Her third child, she’d had plenty of experience with babies.

030917 olderparenting hoda article

Challenges of Starting a Family After 40

Hoda Kotb adopted a child at 52. George Clooney will be a father at 55. Older parents share the ups and downs of raising children later in life.